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World-Class Service

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Homeowners insurance can provide protection for: Your property - In the event of a loss, your home and other structures like a detached garage can be rebuilt or repaired. Your posses...Read More »

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About Me

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Why Farmers®?

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At Farmers, we recognize the characteristics of your business and will work to provide unique, customized coverage at an affordable price.

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Your home is probably one of your biggest financial investments. Before you find yourself in an emergency, let us help you find any gaps in your insurance coverage.

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Sanity Makes a Comeback with the Farmers® Value Insurance Package (VIP)

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With identity theft becoming more common and costly, having Farmers Identity Shield may give you some peace of mind for only pennies a day.

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Farmers® Insurance showcases Kasey Kahne, the No. 5 team's Plan to Perform and how Farmers can help consumers to their own "Victory Lane" when it comes to their insurance needs.

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Farmers® Insurance showcases Kasey Kahne, the No. 5 team's Plan to Perform and how Farmers can help consumers to their own "Victory Lane" when it comes to their insurance needs.

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Our goal is to help you choose a Life insurance1 policy that fits your needs, while staying within your budget.

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Get a quote online and work with a Farmers Agent to find the right coverage for your property and unique needs.

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Get a quote online and work with a Farmers Agent to find the right coverage for your property and unique needs.

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Life is unpredictable. You never know what might happen. If the unexpected happens, Farmers© can help ensure you have the coverage you want to protect your family's assets.

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Farmers® Community

Farmers® Community

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, insurance goes with the vehicle. For example, if you have an accident while driving someone else's vehicle, the owner's insurance would first, be applied toward damages to the vehicle. Your Auto insurance would also generally apply in the event that the owner of the vehicle had no Auto insurance or did not have enough Auto insurance to pay for the damages. Personal Injury Protection, which varies from state-to-state, covers the individual under their individual policy. For example, if my friend is driving my vehicle and gets hurt in an accident, my Auto insurance will cover the damages caused to my vehicle, but their Auto insurance will cover injuries caused to their person.
First and most importantly, make sure that you and everyone else is okay and then get help for the injured. The next crucial step is to make sure to notify the police so that they can file a report. The police report is the most accurate and court relevant information available. Keep a notebook in your vehicle for taking down important information. Make sure to get names, addresses, phone numbers, driver's license number, license plate number, car make and model numbers, witness phone numbers, etc. The more information that you can gather, the better. Also, if you or passengers are injured, make sure to save all medical bills and receipts.

If your car breaks down, your first priority is the safety of the people inside the car.

  • Never get out of a broken down car to make a repair or examine damage. Move the vehicle to a safe place such as a wide shoulder or a designated emergency lane.
  • If you can't drive the vehicle, stay in the car and wait for help. Use your cell phone to get help or wait for help.
  • Remember to put on your hazard lights. Once you are in a safe place, mark your location with flares or triangles.
  • In the case of a blowout or a flat tire, move the vehicle to a safe place before you attempt a repair - even if it means destroying the wheel getting there.

Cold weather suggestion: Always carry a warm blanket in your trunk in case you must wait for help in freezing temperatures. Also carry a shovel and sand in the event your car is stuck in the snow. Do not try to dig yourself out unless your car is in a safe place. At the moment of crisis call Farmers® Claim Department at 1-800-435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

Being in an accident will not generally cause your policy to be canceled. Depending on the circumstances, it may result in a non-renewal of your policy. After the facts of the situation are reviewed, you may be required to pay a higher premium for your policy upon renewal.

Generally speaking, the insurance goes with the vehicle. For example, if you have an accident while driving someone else's car, the owner's insurance would apply first toward damages. Your Auto insurance would generally apply in the event the owner of the vehicle had no Auto insurance or did not have enough Auto insurance to pay the damages. For specific information and guidance about your coverage, please contact me at any time.

Car rental companies charge daily fees for Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) coverage (which means their insurance will pay for all damages covered in your rental agreement). Rental car coverage under a private passenger policy varies state-by-state. In some states, your current Auto insurance coverage may already provide adequate coverage protection for you, even if you are renting a vehicle. So, you may want to contact your agent prior to renting a vehicle just to check into which coverage you currently have. Please feel free to contact me to review your current coverage or to talk about adding coverage to your current policy.

The word "a lot" is subjective but unfortunately your premiums more than likely will go up. Because insurance is based on risk factors, and traffic violations like speeding attribute to being "higher" risk, your premiums will more than likely increase. Additionally, your premium may go up depending on the severity of the accident. Please contact me at any time if you have questions or further concerns about your premiums. I am always glad to help.

Here are a few tips to help you out, should encounter such a situation:

  • If you suspect a burglar is still in the house, don't go in! Go to a neighbor's house to call the police.
  • Wait until the police arrive before you enter and begin to take an inventory of what is missing. Don't touch anything. The police may dust for fingerprints.
  • Provide the police with whatever information they require. Ask the investigating officer where you can obtain a copy of the police report. Make sure you write down the names and badge numbers of the police officers.

If you saw the burglar, you will be asked to provide a description which will include:

  • Height
  • Build
  • Clothing
  • Hair/eye color
  • Hair/beard style
  • Distinctive markings

Once the police have finished their investigation, make your own inspection. Use a Home Inventory Checklist to check for missing items, otherwise you may not discover the full extent of the theft until days or even months after the burglary. At the moment of crisis, call Farmers® Claim Department at 1-800-435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

Farmers® often provides premium discounts2 for taking precautionary measures. Protective devices such as alarm systems, deadbolt locks, local burglar alarms, and central station burglar alarms all qualify for discounts but these discounts do vary by state. Contact me today to go over which discounts you may qualify for.

2Discounts apply to selected coverages, perils and policy types. Eligibility and actual percentage of discounts may vary

The first step in being prepared for a fire, is to have a family evacuation plan. Plan a safe rendezvous point for you and your family in the event that you are separated during a fire. Check out our tips for evacuating your home:

  • Do not return to your home until officials declare it is safe to do so.
  • Notify your Farmers® agent.
  • Make sure your representative knows where to contact you.
  • Make a detailed list of all damaged or destroyed personal property.
  • Use pictures to help assess the damages.
  • Keep all receipts.
  • Don't rush into signing repair contracts.
  • As soon as you and your family are safe, call Farmers Claim Department at 1-800-435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

Farmers also provides the following tips for surviving a fire in your home:

  • Make sure all family members know how to dial 911 in case of an emergency.
  • Have at least two exits from every room in your home.
  • Invest in fire escape ladders for upstairs bedrooms.
  • Go through a practice drill every six months.
  • With the whole family, practice what to do in a fire emergency.
  • Assign a tree or other landmark where family members can meet after they escape the burning house.
  • Teach children never to go back in the house.
  • Train them not to hide from fire under beds, in closets, or other places where rescuers cannot easily find them.

The Insurance Institute estimates that up to one-third of homeowner liability claims are for dog attacks. What to do:

  • Make sure the injured person gets prompt medical attention.
  • Exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Tell the person who was bitten to save medical receipts. Assure them that your Farmers agent will contact them.
  • Call your Farmers Agent. Provide the information about the incident, the name, and phone number of the victim and have your policy number on hand.
  • Report the dog bite to your local animal control center.
  • At the moment of crisis call Farmers Claim Department at 1-800-435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

If you own a dog:

  • Spay or neuter your dog to reduce aggressive tendencies.
  • Never leave infants or young children alone with the dog.
  • Do not play aggressive games, like wrestling, with your dog.
  • Teach children basic safety guidelines around the dog and review them frequently.

If you are threatened by a dog:

  • Remain motionless.
  • Do not run or scream.
  • If knocked down by the dog, lie still, cover your face and neck and remain in a ball.
  • If bitten by the dog, immediately report the bite.
  • Report stray dogs or dogs showing unusual behavior to your local animal control center.

What to do before the storm:

  • Make sure you have a record of your personal property.
  • Keep important papers safe.
  • Keep photo copies of your important personal and financial papers in a safe place away from your home.
  • Preserve your photos.
  • Store negatives in a safe place away from the house or make copies and do the same.
  • Look around and assess the risks to your home.
  • For instance, trimming tall trees near your house will prevent them from falling during a storm and causing damage.
  • If tornados are a threat, consider building a safe room within your house.

What to do after the storm:

  • Check people around you for injuries.
  • Begin first aid or seek help if necessary.
  • When you go outside, watch out for downed power lines.
  • Beware of fire hazards such as broken gas lines.
  • Make temporary repairs to prevent loss from rain, wind, or looting.
  • Keep all receipts for work done on your property.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances that have been exposed to water until they've been checked by a technician.
  • Notify your Farmers agent as soon as possible.
  • Make sure your agent knows where to contact you.

Take pictures and use a Home Inventory List to help your assess the damage. At the moment of crisis call Farmers Claim Department at 1-800-435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

Every year, people's lives across the United States are disrupted by floods. It can be a very difficult period of time, but Flood Insurance puts you in control. You can buy Flood Insurance no matter if you live in High, Low or Moderate risk areas. Buying a Flood Insurance policy is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and reduce the cost of a flooding disaster for your family or business. Contact your Farmers Agent today for more information on Flood Insurance. You can take specific steps today to prepare for a flood tomorrow:

  • Itemize all personal property including furnishing, clothing and valuables.
  • Keep your photographs, videotapes and important papers in a safe place, such as a safe deposit box.
  • Keep a portable radio, flashlights with extra batteries in working order.
  • Keep your car's gas tank at least half full. Gasoline pumps will not work if electricity is cut off because of a flood.
  • Buy flood insurance because it can mean the difference between financial devastation and a fresh start after a flood.
  • Contact you Farmers Agent for more details.

Flood recovery

  • Prior to entering a building, check for structural damage. Make sure it is not in danger of collapse.
  • Upon entering the building, do not use an open flame as a source of light, since gas may still be trapped inside. Always use a flashlight.
  • Cover broken windows and holes in the roof or walls to prevent further weather damage.
  • Contact your Farmers Agent immediately to begin claim processing.

At the moment of crisis, call Farmers Claim Department at 1-800-435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

  • Check to be sure that no one in the family is injured.
  • Start first aid immediately if needed.
  • Be prepared for aftershocks following an earthquake.
  • Put on shoes with heavy soles to protect your feet.
  • Check utility lines and appliances for damage.
  • If you smell gas, open the windows and turn off the main gas valve.
  • Clean up flammable liquids inside the buildings.
  • Check to see that sewage lines are intact and working before flushing toilets.
  • Take pictures of damaged property and keep notes.
  • You can keep a disposable camera with your earthquake kit.
  • Notify your Farmers agent.
  • Make sure your representative knows where to contact you.
  • At the moment of crisis, call Farmers Claim Department at (800) 435-7764 for assistance when you need it most.

Here are steps you can take now to stop thieves from stealing your good name:

  1. Do not give out personal information, such as account or credit card numbers, on the phone or over the Internet unless you have initiated the contact. Identity thieves could pose as bank officials, Internet providers or credit card company representatives. Remember: Those with a right to this information (such as your bank) should already have it and shouldn't need to request it over the phone.
  2. Report lost or stolen checks immediately and properly store canceled checks. Examine new checks to be sure that none were stolen during shipment, and store them in a safe and secure location. Destroy unused financial solicitations before discarding them, and tear up other financial documents such as statements or receipts before discarding them.
  3. Guard your automated teller machine (ATM) number, and treat your receipts with care. Leaving them behind or throwing them in the trash could leave them vulnerable to thieves, who could use them to access your accounts.
  4. Make sure your mailbox is secure, and promptly remove mail after delivery. Identity thieves often raid mailboxes to obtain credit card offers and financial statements.
  5. Contact the major credit-reporting companies at least annually to review their file. A copy of their credit report is available for a small fee.

The three major credit bureaus are:

  • Equifax: (800) 685-1111
  • TransUnion: (800) 916-8800
  • Experian: (888) 397-3742

Steps to Report Identity Theft:

  • Contact your bank or credit union to protect your accounts.
  • Contact your credit card suppliers.
  • Contact the Social Security Fraud Hotline: (800) 269-0271.
  • Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft Hotline: (877) IDTHEFT or (877) 438-4338.
  • Contact your Farmers agent to file a claim against your Identity Fraud Expense coverage endorsement.

Typically, Homeowners insurance covers you for accidental discharge of water from a plumbing system. It's a good safety precaution to check your plumbing and heating systems once a year.

Life insurance1 death benefits are distributed to the named beneficiaries of the policy. However, for distribution of your assets, it's important to create a living will in order to tell the probate court judge who should receive your belongings. This may also help to speed-up the process. Without a living will, probate could take an extended amount of time, and may be significantly more expensive.

Here are some tips to help you prepare: It's a good idea for everyone to have between three to six months' salary put away in their emergency fund5, should the unexpected happen. If you have a mortgage to pay each month, you should consider purchasing Life Insurance1 to help ensure your payments are made. Turn a negative experience into a positive one. Make it a learning experience! Take advantage of this opportunity to develop new job skills. Certain life insurance products offer living benefits that can help make it financially feasible for you go back to school and acquire new skills to stay competitive. Use this experience and your ability to cope with change as a strength, when interviewing with prospective employers. Many employers are looking for people who can deal with change, not dwell on the negative, but instead have the ability to move with the times.


Renting a building for business is not all that different than if you were to rent an apartment. You still need coverage for all of your personal belongings and assets. Essentially, you need coverage for all of your office supplies and business assets. So, everything apart from the bricks and mortar of the building you are in should be part of your Business Insurance policy. Please contact me at any time for questions about your current coverage or to obtain Business Insurance coverage.

There are many different variables for determining the best insurance products for a business. The insurance needs of a software company, for example, are far different than the needs of a car rental company. It's best to speak with an Agent to review your overall business situation and to go over coverage options that are best for your business. Contact me to learn more.

Yes. Even though you are on a motorcycle, there can still be significant bodily injuries or damages caused by the accident.

Your Motorcycle policy may include coverage for your apparel, safety equipment, and add-on options. So yes, they are included under your Motorcycle policy depending on which coverage option you select. Check with your Agent to review your current policy coverage and to discuss which coverage options best meet your needs.

Generally speaking, modifications made to your recreational vehicles are not covered. It's always best to contact your Agent to learn which options are available and to what extent your rec. vehicles are covered. Contact me today to learn how I can provide coverage for your recreational vehicles or to help you review your current coverage.

Although there are a variety of options for covering your recreational vehicles, it is always best to contact your Agent regarding which coverage options are the best for you. It is important, however, to consider liability coverage as costs involving liability can be quite extensive. Contact me today to learn more, to review your current policy, or to insure a recent purchase.

You will more than likely have to check your policy to make sure that it includes towing coverage. Farmers has a program designed especially for towing your RV in case it breaks down. Please contact me today to learn more.

You should check with your agent to decide which protection best fits the insurance needs for your travel trailer. However, you should know that liability follows the insurance/Auto policy of the vehicle that is pulling the trailer. Please contact me today to learn more about specific insurance requirements, coverage options, and if you have any questions.

That's a tough question because investment is subjective to risk. The best answer to this question lies in meeting with your Agent. Remember that there is no way to guarantee a return on investment and that there is always an inherent risk involved. Your Agent can provide you with information regarding investment products, can evaluate your current financial situation, and can discuss your future investment needs and goals. In other words, they take an in depth look at your financial picture and help you find the products that are the best fit for your investment goals.

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